Hi! Ken here.

I’m so excited that you found my blog. I always make some sort of promise to my audience (WordPress.com/takingleaps101 can attest to that fact), and it’s usually grandiose and well, perfect.

But here is a different sort of space. Here is my journal. I am basically naked here on the inter-webs. I’m naked to inspire you to jump out of complacency, see the world, and learn all about yourself.

And if after reading my diary you decide the world just isn’t for you, then I have failed without making any promise. Please, stick around for giggles and memories that make you want to buy a plane ticket immediately.

There is no such thing as too much travel. There is no such thing as too much love. Too much adventure, or thrill. It all awaits you just beyond the door of your mind that beckons (yes, BECKONS) you to open it. Will you?

Ken we go now?