Day One. I Think?

There is so much to  write about tonight! It is 2:44 right now at home, but if you count six hours ahead, that’s about the time it is in Assisi. 🙂

On March the eleventh, we departed from the airport at about 3;00 in the afternoon. What most of you DON’T know is that we had been there since nine that morning. See, our flight was supposed to leave at noon, but due to weather problems it was delayed twice, thus we left at the time we did. Our next flight was directly from Atlanta to Rome, and leaving at 4:15.  SO, since the flight is only about 30 minutes, we pulled into the Atlanta airport at 3:30ish at GATE E20. Our departure gate was GATE F2. On the other side of the airport. After booking it to a tram and letting the doors close on us our bodies repeatedly, we FINALLY arrived at our gate where they insisted on issuing us NEW BOARDING PASSES.

Oh my, we were sweating and our shoulders were hurting from carrying our bags, but we got on the plane and eneded uphaving a great flight. 🙂

HA! I wish….no, we got on to find that our seats had been given to two other passengers who said they had only done what they were told and took their original seats (even though their tickets put them in 16 and not 38). By this time, everyone on the plane is just fed up with us because we’ve held them over for almost an hour. I heard one man’s comment, “Well, there goes our dinner reservations.” (It’s amazing my tour group leader even got the plane to wait on us!) and even AFTER we landed in Rome (after getting ZERO sleep…)I heard a lady telling one of my group members, “Well, I didn’t feel like that was fair to us. Y’all should’ve….blah blah blah.” I was just like, you’re home, be happy! hahaha

She jetted off that plane, too. Really, though, if we could’ve helped our flight being delayed so much, we definitely would have!

After getting to Rome and falling asleep on the very comfortable bus seats, we arrived in Assisi. The place is beautiful and I only wish I had time to post some pictures! God’s creation is absolutely BREATH-TAKING. The lot of us took a fifteen-twenty minute walk into town to see the shops, the VIEW, and to find gelato. Sadly, we did not find gelato. 😦

Never fear! For tomorrow we shall have better luck. 🙂 Lord willing, we will be going to Florence after touring Assisi. Prayers would be much appreciated as we continue on this journey of a lifetime.



photo: Assissi

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